Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

new gameplay of skyrim

At the Comic Con there was new material of Elder Scols Skyrim. In a too short gameplay  you accompany the main character at the daily hero work

Not only the buety landescape make you happy, no. even in terms of gameplay there is good news.

Her you can now look forward to battles against dragons, which you fight with magic verses and with brute force of arms.

the release date is the 11th. November 2011

GoldenEye 007 Remake: Announcement, massive information and a trailer

there are many informations about the remake projekt of „GoldenEye 007: Reloadet“ the n64 classic will portiere into the new generation of games.

So you can look forward to a HD look with 60 FPS. thats all paired with a new gameplay and a new james bond

Away from the story nice side quests wait of you. Under Mi6 Ops missions you can expect many different tasks.
Whether it is as quiet as a shadow or Stealth Assault giant brute.

what players of the original  remainded in head was the great 4 player splitscreen multiplayer. this mode is also in the remake

you can play the game also with playstation move at ps3

Freitag, 22. Juli 2011

I´m back with a new post: trailer saints raw third

excuse that I didn´t post things for a week or more. I need a break, but now I´m back with this:

Saints Row the third

You yawn, when you think about the  live of Nico Bellic? Then I have the perfect variety for you! The next part of Saints Row has the simple name "The Third" and it looks like much fun.

In the latest trailer you get a few juicy pieces of the story served. You learn something about the history of your character, who is dependent
on the aid of shady crooks, because he was involved by a failed bank robbery

I personelly liked saints row 2, but the graphic was terrible. I hopped that the graphic of saints row 3 would be better, but when I see this...... I think the graphic is not as good as it could be.
what you guys think?

Samstag, 9. Juli 2011

Far Cry 3 - a new gameplay video

Ubisoft has now released a gameplay video of Far Cry three. This video was shown at E3, behind closed doors but now everyone can enjoy the moving images.

To see is an attack on a jungle camp where we take the enemies  by sniper rifle under fire. Unfortunately it is not known what platform the demo was running, the PC is very likely. Ubisoft, the developers have promised, that the game will look terrific on the consoles.

Bioshock Infinite Gameplay

The story begins with a five-minute interview. Here you can learn a lot about the story, and interesting facts about the new setting on the clouds. Then it immediately goes on with the gameplay video.

The action game will be for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.The release is planned for 2012, so there is still enough time for speculation. But there are some details now.

Graphically build Bioshock Infinite, in contrast to about Bioshock 2, on a heavily modified Unreal Engine 3. Who is looking forward to an open world will be disappointed, because Bioshock Infinite is a linear shooter. Friends of multiplayer action will have to wait too, because if there will be a multiplayer is not fixed yet.

sry that i can´t post yesterday sth., I hadn´t time

Freitag, 8. Juli 2011

EA announces a new DLC for Dragon adge

The new DLC called Legacy for Dragon Age II.
In the DLC, we learn more about the Hawke family while we fight agianst monsters in demanding battles, that force us to use our skills tacticel. For the adaptation of weapons will be new opportunities. Very gratifying that these customized weapons can then also be used in the main game.

The DLC will be released at 26th of July 2011, the price is not fixed (rumors they 10$)


Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2011

Call of Juarez: the Cartel, seven minutes gameplay

While Call of Juarez: Bound in blood in the Wild West played, the developers are trying something new this time. Call of Juarez: The Cartel plays a role in the modern era, but the atmosphere should mostly be the same. If that works, you can watch the following video. It provides in a fistfight in a back street, a chase scene with cars and more gunfire.

Call of Juarez: The Cartel will be published at 21th July 2011