Freitag, 1. Juli 2011

A new DLC for Red Dead Redemption! what?

Anyone who thinks John Marston would have been adopted by the video game stage is wrong. As Rockstar revealed at the request of fans, at least one DLC will be released for the highly successful Western game.

A date or the contents are not known but will be revealed in the coming weeks what it is.

 I can´t wait for the DLC and you?


  1. i have no clue what a "DLC" is .... ??

  2. a DLC is sth like a extra content, for games that be on the markt, most DLC´s cost sth.
    In most DLC´s are things like a new story of 3-8 hours or new Mulitplayer(online) maps, modus or weapons.

  3. Pretty cool that Rockstar haven't forgotten about this game. Wish more game companies would keep releasing dlc even when their game is a few years old. Can't wait to play it.

  4. Hell yes! One of my favorite games