Dienstag, 28. Juni 2011

Golden Eye 007 HD for the PS3?

In November 2010 appeard for the Wii Golden eye 007, of course, with the motion control system.It was a remake from the N64

Now Activision has registered some domains, which can suggest that it could not remain in the new edition. Among other goldeneyereloaded.com make it appear very likely that another game is scheduled. Exclusively for the Wii is the game hardly, as the sales success of the Wii game was not exactly abundant.

Also interesting to note during the E3 press conference could be a logo on a 007-Move-foil. It was added during the press conference, nothing shown or said. Of course these are all just speculations seem implausible but it is not. Perhaps we learn at gamescom in August a little more.