Montag, 27. Juni 2011

Test: Duke Nukem Forever

System: Playstation 3, xBox 360, Pc
From: 2K Games
Producer: gearbox Software
Genre: First Person Shooter
Spieler: 1
HDD: al least: 4546
Auflösung: 720p
Network-player: 2-8
Playstation Move: not aviable
3D funktion: not aviable

Duke Nukem, the game living legend is back and lets it rip again properly! 14 years ago, it has since the Duke sent the aliens back to their weeping mother ship and has saved the Earth and its babes totally. It has long been planned and developed, recently we have 2K Games and Gearbox Software's long-awaited comeback of the King for the next gen console and brings it says again, "COME GET SOME!".

That makes Duke Nukem forever good:

How you know him, no losses are reported. Duke really get rid of curses and lets go one after another cracker. He is just the well-known drinking, pumped full of steroids and totally nasty womanizer who left us at that time. Ready in every situation the appropriate sentence, no matter how shallow or too vulgar. But, well, Duke Nukem wouldn´t be Duke Nukem t if Chuck Norris could not even pack up beside him.

Who is on breathtaking boss battles, which also are very demanding, who is with Duke Nukem Forever just right. Already in the middle of difficulty stiff demands. So it may well come to isolated moments of frustration and some repetitions, but will by the individual construction of fighting and very well thought checkpoints recouped. Likewise, its always a highlight to bring the very well-designed bosses in Duke's extremely way around the corner.

The producer have much time to construct greats, which is also occasionally succeeded. Good ideas were incorporated as in shrunken state with an RC Race Car to explore the game world. Re-grown they also drives a monster truck through the prairie, this does not matter whether it is natural barriers or isolated adversaries in your way. The Duke makes everything flat.

Thats not good:

Who wants the Duke to the fullest should need to resort to the original language. In the German dubbing, it is certainly very vulgar and sometimes even offensive, but it is simply not a round thing if the Duke throws with German texts around. This fact changes the voice of Star Die Hard "Bruce Willis" nothing that the Duke was donated. 

Duke Nukem Forever doesn´t look good, it seems like a Ps2 game was refurbished and completely trimmed to Next Gen.That you can see to often.Smaller stuttering, ugly edges, textures, and a rather messy very poor overall picture remains after each level back as a reminder.

Somehow there is the feeling you walk through a maze. The whole game seems like a puzzle to be assemble.
Too often there isn´t a sense 


Woh doesn´t know Duke Nukem and no value put on graphic and struktur, will be like it as much as the fans of the Duke Nukem series. Who want sth like Battlefield, Call of duty or crysis, for them it be a thorn in the side.

say me, when you like or hate this game and your experience about it:


  1. looks very interesting, i'm gonna give it a try as soon as i can. nice post mate, keep it up! +follow

  2. very informative! thx for posting :D